The Step Back Foundation promotes not only high school athletics, but giving back to your community as well. 


My name is Maddie McCracken. I am a freshman at Stockton University in New Jersey. During my high school career at Wildwood High School, in New Jersey, I was fortunate enough to be a part of three different high school sports, for a total of 12 sports seasons throughout my career. Without a doubt, these sports have molded me into the person I am today. Over the past four years, I have consistently been a part of something so special.  I can only hope other students can experience the same thing. So, during the spring of my senior year of high school, I created a non-profit organization, called The Step Back Foundation, to hopefully motivate middle school and high school students to participate in high school athletics. Each year, there will be several scholarships given out in the name of Mr. Bill Bolle (more information below) to middle and high school students in Cape May County, who have the intention to participate in high school athletics. As athletes all know, sports equipment is not cheap and it does not hurt to have a little extra money to help pay for all of the expenses.

Going into high school, I was very shy, timid, and not half as confident in myself as I am now. Wildwood High School athletics welcomed me with open arms and allowed me to be the athlete they knew I was capable of becoming. Playing sports gave me instant friends and memories I will hopefully be able to share with my kids one day. I have started this organization with the intention that more and more kids will join sports, or any club for that matter, their freshman year instead of waiting until their sophomore or junior year to become involved within the school. As a female especially, I think it is very important to build your confidence at a young age, so you can maintain it and grow as a person each and every day. 

I seriously cannot imagine what kind of person I would be if I did not play sports throughout my high school career. Not only do I not know what kind of memories I would have made or with whom I would have been friends, but also who I would be as a person. Sports have constantly changed and made me better as I have gotten older. I have learned how to communicate with others, problem solve, deal with adversity, cope, created a strong work ethic, and most importantly how to be a good human being. I have met so many wonderful people and I can only hope others will be able to experience the same thing.

Each summer, The Step Back Foundation will be hosting two major events, including a 3 on 3 basketball tournament in July and a 5k race in August, which is held on the beach. The money raised will go towards either scholarship funds or for a child in need financially throughout the Wildwoods. With that being said, I am asking that if you or your organization could support/donate something for this cause and possibly change someone’s high school career or further their life.

COVID-19 Disclaimer

During this time, the Step Back Foundation asks you to stay inside in your homes. In order to overcome this, we need to take all of the steps seriously. We wish you, y0ur family, and your friends, safety, health, and happiness.

Thanks fo your endless support & God bless!

New Beginnings

Stockton Women's Basketball 

After a lot of thinking, I decided to transfer to Stockton University, where I am back to playing basketball. I have discovered that sometimes a little break to get your mental health together is not wrong. It is okay to ask for help. I love my new home. 

Previous Events

3 on 3 Basketball Tournament 

On July 13th & 14th 2019, the Step Back Foundation held a 3 on 3 tournament at Wildwood High School and the North Wildwood Recreation in order to raise money for the 8th grade scholarship and for kids in need financially throughout Wildwood, New Jersey. 

Age Groups Included:

  • 5th & 6th grade
  • 7th & 8th grade 
  • 9th-12th grade
  • Adults (Anyone 18 or older)

2020 Island 3 on 3 Tournament

"Live Like Bolle" 5K Island Race 

On Saturday August 10th, 2019, the Step Back Foundation hosted a 5k run on the beach in North Wildwood. Racers started on 16th Street (the lifeguard stand), then ran up to the beach, and then headed towards 7th street, where Mr. Bill Bolle spend most of his summer days. Then, racers ran towards 26th and then back towards 16th, finishing where they started. 

This race was dedicated and in memory of Mr. Bill Bolle, who tragically passed away in October of 2017. Mr. Bolle represented kindness, positive energy, and light, which was displayed throughout the entire race. 

2020 "Live Like Bolle" 5K

2019 Scholarship 

2019 Step Back Foundation Scholarship for 8th Graders

Scholarship Winners:

Crest Memorial: Abby Pruszinski 

Wildwood Middle School: Joey Mormile

Keenan's Virtual Palooza

Palooza Donations

Over Easter weekend, April 11th & 12th, Keenan's Irish Pub hosted over 15 virtual performances, taking in donations. Throughout the weekend, Keenan's and these bands raised over $8,000 for the Step Back Foundation. The money raised has been going towards purchasing and delivering Acme gift cards to Wildwood families. 

We cannot thank Keenan's & all of their performances en0ugh. Stay tuned to Keenan's and their opening for the summer. 


Quick Info

2019-2020 Scholarship Application

"Live Like Bolle" Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is in honor of Mr. Bill Bolle, who unfortunately passed away in October of 2017. Mr. Bolle loved and promoted high school athletics. High school sports change the lives of many high school students by improving their work ethic, staying active, building memories, and of course forming relationships that will last a long time. But most importantly, Mr. Bolle valued his family more than anything. 

Any middle or high school student in Cape May County is eligible. 

Due: May 31st, 2020

2020 3v3 Tournament 

2nd Annual 3 on 3 Tournament 

July 11th & 12th

Wildwood High School

4300 Pacific Avenue

Wildwood, NJ, 08260

2019 3 on 3 Tournament

2020 "Do It For Bill 5k" Registration

2nd Annual "Live Like Bolle" 5k Race

August 8th, 2020

1600 Boardwalk

North Wildwood, NJ 08260

Registration Start: 7:30 AM

Race Start: 8:30 AM

$25 (T-Shirt Included) 

2019 "Do It For Bill" Race

Reach Out 

If you know of an island resident of Wildwood who has financial athletic needs (basketball shoes, help of paying off registration fees, cleats, etc) do not hesitate to reach out. The Step Back Foundation is more than happy to help within means. 

Mental Health

Mental Health Matters

Throughout most of my life, I have struggled with my mental health: anxiety, depression, OCD. Even though I am extremely blessed, these illnesses still get the best of me. The Step Back Foundation is willing to talk to anyone who may be experiencing similar things. All you have to do is contact us and we are here to help. 

Changing Your Perspective 

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Thank you for donating to this worthy cause! We appreciate the endless support!

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