Nonprofit organization based out of Wildwood, NJ

Who We Are & Our Mission:

We are a nonprofit organization based out of Wildwood, NJ (helping mostly Cape May County and surrounding areas), that provides athletic equipment and other necessities to local student-athletes and families in need of financial assistance. Our mission is to motivate and inspire kids at an early age to be a part of something special. Growing up, my dad used to tell my sisters and I "poise and confidence" when we were playing basketball. I feel as if this relates to all of life. I want to share this with others through acts of service in the community. This is me playing the game I love at an early age.

Our Why

Our Story

Growing up, my mom was (and still is) a teacher and my dad was a liquor salesman and basketball coach (and still is). I have always admired how much my mom loves her job and how she has always gone the extra mile for her students. I've always wanted to be just like my dad. He has a way about him that just makes people feel important, safe, and like they belong. Through being a basketball coach for roughly 20 years, I've watched my dad go the extra mile for his players time and time again. This included sometimes getting kids a pair of basketball shoes when they couldn't afford it or buying kids a couple new pairs of clothes when they could not afford that either. When I got to high school, I really started to notice firsthand how much of a need there actually was, particularly through my sports teams. I was blessed enough to have graduated from Wildwood High School as a 2,000 point scorer and the valedictorian of my class. I was so grateful for my time there and wanted to do something to give back. In April of 2019, a couple months before I graduated from high school, I started the Step Back Foundation so I could give back to a community that has given so much to me.

How to Donate

Step Back Donations

Through various fundraising efforts and events, we raise money that goes towards kids in need of athletic equipment and other necessities.

If you can not attend one of our events, you may donate by writing a check and mailing it our new office location. Checks are payable to the "Step Back Foundation" at 200 New Jersey Ave, North Wildwood, NJ 08260.

We also have an option to donate by Venmo. Our username is @thestepbackfoundation_ .

You may also donate through Donorbox by clicking the box below.


New Office Location

Our new office location is located at 200 New Jersey Ave, North Wildwood, NJ 08260. We do not currently have open hours available, but are looking to in the near future.

However, you may donate by purchasing gear through our online shop (this link).

Upcoming Events

Check out our Eventbrite to find out more information on our upcoming/2024 events.

Upcoming Step Back Events

2023 #BCMFBeKindAward

2023 #BCMFBeKindAward

Step Back Foundation

We appreciate your support and cannot wait to see you rocking your new Step Back gear!