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Mission Statment

-To motivate & inspire kids at an early age to be apart of something special (whether that may be a sports team, club, or organization) by building self-love, poise & confidence.  

Step Back Shirts Available

Shirts Available

Check out or new Shopify online store to purchase Step Back gear! Click the link below:

Teachable Tuesday with Olympian Priscilla

    Introducing Teachable Tuesday with Olympian Priscilla! If you didn’t already know, we live on the same island as an Olympian (still amazes me). Priscilla Loomis was a 2016 Olympian and is training to go to the Olympics again this summer! Priscilla has inspired me in many ways with not only her athletic abilities but her positivity, light, and kindness. I asked @priscilla_frederick (her Instagram username) to share what keeps her going and to offer any words of motivation. Thank you for being such a good example and inspiration for others.

Stay tuned for more of Priscilla! 

Teachable Tuesday

Step Back & Stockton WBB Donations Books to New York Ave School in Atlantic City, NJ

The Step Back Foundation and Stockton WBB's teamed up to donate children's books to a local elementary school, New York Avenue, in Atlantic City, NJ.  

Stockton's Kadinah Harris is a New York Ave alumn, so thought it would be cool for her to interact with her old school!

2020-21 5th & 6th North Wildwood Shark's Team 

Shark's Team Selfie

Funny team pic!

Shark's team pic in their new sweatshirts!

Shark's sweatshirts were sponsored by the Step Back Foundation. 

Step Back Making It's Way to Florida beaches!

Kelly Palmer 

John Fetsick 

Christmas for the Kids

Summer 2021 Events

3v3 Basketball Tournament 

On July 10th & 11th (2021), the Step Back Foundation held our 3rd annual 3v3 basketball tournament at Allen Park, in North Wildwood. 

"Live Like Bolle" 5K Run & 1-Mile Walk

On Saturday, August 7th, 2021, the Step Back Foundation will host our 3rd annual  "Live Like Bolle" 5K run and 1-mile walk, on the beach in North Wildwood. This is where Mr. Bill Bolle spent most of his summer days. Mr. Bolle represented kindness, positivity, and light.


  • Run: $25 per person
  • Walk: $20 per person

Online Registration Through Eventbrite: 

2021 "Live Like Bolle" 5K Registration

2021 "Live Like Bolle" 1-Mile Walk Registration

Paper Registration (drop off to the North Wildwood Rec. Department):

2021 "Live Like Bolle" 5K & 1-Mile Walk (Paper Registration Form)

3v3 Game Rules/Info:

  • Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of your game. 

  • There are games every half hour, starting at 8:30. 

  • There are two 12 minute halves in each game. 

  • There is a 2 minute halftime. 

  • The warmup before each game is 2-4 minutes (depending on how on time the games are). 

  • Games are make-it take-it. 

  • Points are worth 2s and 1s. 

  • Must take the ball behind the 3-point line when changing possessions, except when the ball misses the rim on a shot. 

  • In case of overtime, there will be an additional 2 minutes added to the game. 

  • Overtimes will be played until there is a winner.

  • Each team is guaranteed 3 games.

  • Winners stay in the winners bracket. 

  • As soon as you lose, you’re in the losers bracket. 

  • Stay tuned for any more updates, schedule changes, bracket information, etc on Instagram and Facebook (@thestepbackfoundation)! We cannot wait to see you!

-Maddie, Mack, & The Step Back Team 

Previous Events & More

2021 Step Back Foundation Easter Egg Hunt

Step Back Egg Hunt

On Saturday, April 3rd, 2021, the Step Back Foundation hosted an Easter egg hunt at Allen Park in North Wildwood. 

Thank you to everyone who came out, had fun, and supported our cause. We were so excited to see everyone and celebrate the holiday together for the kids. 

Step Back Fall Auction- 11/13/20

We cannot thank everyone enough for your help and support at our Fall Auction. All proceeds are going to our local student-athletes. Stay tuned to see how we put our proceeds to use! 

A special thanks to our donors below:

Sand Jamm 

Wild Ocean 

Spill the Wine




North Shore

Christie’s Nails

Lobster House

Lunch With Lynch Foundation

Rick’s Seafood

Coastal Prime

Harbor Movie Theater

Shampoo Bar

Douglass Candies

Warehouse Wicker

Joe Canal’s 


East Coast Jewels

Chrissy Marie Designs

Pure Juice & Kitchen

Back To Health Family Chiropractic

Wildwood Middle School PTC

Crest Memorial PTC

Rodney Strong

Exit 6

Olympic Flame

Stone Harbor Yoga

Gerry D’Alesio

Dennis Dool

Jane Ginley

Joe & Kelly Franco

Joe Ebert

Denise Nuccio

Little Cafe

Crab House

April Frank

Colleen Ferraro

Richie Ziegler

Sandy Duda

Christina Adams Photography

J. Byrne Insurance

North Wildwood Shirt Shop

Cork & Bottle

The Palmer Family

Fall Agenda 

Donated Recess Equipment to Cape Trinity Catholic...

We were given the most adorable "Thank You" cards!

Getting Involved in all of Cape May County's schools...We donated 10 schoolbags to Middle Township High School 

Coaching the 5th & 6th Grade North Wildwood Sharks Basketball us team bracelets! 

Go Sharks! (:

Donated 25 pumpkins to Margaret Mace Elementary School's Kindergarten Class

Thanksgiving Teacher Appreciation 

Keenan's Virtual Palooza

Palooza Donations

Over last year's Easter weekend (April 11th & 12th, 2020), Keenan's Irish Pub hosted over 15 virtual performances, taking in donations. Throughout the weekend, Keenan's and these bands raised over $8,000 for the Step Back Foundation. The money raised has been going towards purchasing and delivering Acme gift cards to Wildwood families. 

We cannot thank Keenan's & all of their performances enough. Stay tuned to Keenan's and their opening for the summer. 

Quick Info

2020-2021 "Live Like Bolle" Scholarship Application

"Live Like Bolle" Scholarship Fund

Our 2020 scholarship committee: Tommy Bolle, Ivy Bolle, Michael Sharkey, Mack McCracken, & Maddie McCracken

This scholarship is in honor of Mr. Bill Bolle, who unfortunately passed away in October of 2017. Mr. Bolle loved and promoted high school athletics. High school sports change the lives of many high school students by improving their work ethic, staying active, building memories, and of course, forming relationships that will last a long time. But most importantly, Mr. Bolle valued his family more than anything. 

A huge thank you to everyone who applied for our 2020-2021 "Live Like Bolle" scholarship. Thanks to generous donations and endless support over the past couple of years! Our winners for the 2021 school year are: 

8th Grade Students:

Amira Evans (WMS)

Louis Belasco (CMS)

Flynn Krause (WCA)

High School Seniors: 

Diante Miles (WHS)

Milagros Palacios (WHS)

Leah Benichou (WHS)

John Leahy (MTHS)

Aislin Robb (MTHS)

Matthew Craig (LCMR)

Matthew Moretti (WCA)

James Sawyer (WCA)

Our 2021 scholarship committee: Ivy Bolle, Mack McCracken, Tommy Bolle, & Maddie McCracken

Reach Out 

If you know of a resident of Wildwood who has financial athletic needs (basketball shoes, help to pay off registration fees, cleats, help grocery shopping, could use a winter coat, etc) do not hesitate to reach out. The Step Back Foundation is more than happy to help within means. 

Mental Health

Mental Health Matters

Throughout most of my life, I have struggled with my mental health: anxiety, depression, OCD. Even though I am extremely blessed, these illnesses still get the best of me. The Step Back Foundation is willing to talk to anyone who may be experiencing similar things. All you have to do is contact us and we are here to help. 

Changing Your Perspective 

Mental Health Matters

I had a long and eye opening conversation the other day with my sister on mental health and perspective. Just a little over a year ago I was struggling with the worst anxiety and depression I’ve ever had. I was so sad and nothing made me feel excited or alive. I couldn’t appreciate or realize all the beautiful things life has to offer. I would constantly tell myself I couldn’t be happy until I finished or accomplished something. Over time, I’ve learned to recognize those beautiful things and it’s truly made my life better and more fulfilled. Simple conversations. Forming relationships with people. Doing things that make me happy. These things have improved the quality of my life more than I could have ever imagined. I’m much happier and much more fulfilled than I’ve ever been. Don’t wish your life away and put dates on when you can be happy again. Be where your two feet are and enjoy where you are now! If you need someone to talk to or just an ear to listen, feel free to contact us (at the bottom of the website, through email, or through our social media pages). You’re not alone and you will get through any struggle! #mentalhealthmatters

Let's end the mental health stigma! 

Positive Affirmations

What It Is:

When life gets tough, there's always something you positive to look at. When I am having a rough day, I think of some positive affirmations that always make me feel better! 


Write to us. 

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